How to Find the Best Sod Installation Service in Sorrento

Unrolling Sod

Whether you have a scanty or weedy lawn that requires some improvement or you unfortunately have a barren backyard, installing sod is the ideal way to have an instant and lush lawn. Sod generally is more costly than grass seed, but these rolls of pre-grown grass give you benefits that more than outweigh the extra cost. Sufficient ground preparation is required no matter if you select sod or grass seed. Sod installation services may have dissimilar methods, but you if you pick the right sod installation contractor, you know you will get the perfect results. The most significant benefits of sod come to life after the installation process.

Laying sod yourself can certainly be cheaper, but hiring a pro Lawn Care Sorrento offers convenience and less possibility for mistakes. The best benefit of choosing a professional is the final outcome. A professional sod installer can conceal seams, make the ground sufficiently level, work with extreme slopes and properly handle situations such as curvy lawn borders or irregularly shaped lawns. Below are some of the most essential factors to keep in mind when you are searching for best sod installation company in Sorrento.

Look for License and Insurance

Make sure that the Sorrento Sod Installation company has professionals that will do the installation in the most competent way. Make sure that the installation company has a good standing in the area. Verify how many years has the company been around. Ask for documents that verify that the installation company is sufficiently insured and properly licensed. You can ask the company to show a proof of their membership in professional organizations for landscapers and other certification documents.

Get Estimates

Ask if there is an initial cost for scheduling an on-site visit and if you can refund this or include it in the total cost if the contractor decides to accept the job. Ask them if you can hold a percent of the total price (normally, 15 percent) that you can pay at a later date after any mistakes have been corrected. One normal cause of conflict is the ownership of surplus materials and disposal of debris so ensure that you clarify this right at the onset. In addition to this, make sure to provide clauses in your contract for after care advice and assistance.

Degree of Comfort

Ensure that contractor you select is open to communicate with you and will offer you advice that you can trust. You should have an open line of communication with each other, and you should be comfortable about working with them to ensure that your installation work goes smoothly.


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